its the 19th may 2020 here and the coronovirus dominates the news, and every tv and radio station, even the politicians tremble with fear at 5pm every day when they hold a daily news conference, the thing is its all the same every day a different minister with a slightly reworded message which if you take the spin out its the same as yesterday. hheres one for you the had 21000 possitive covid tests in a 24 hr period out of 35000 people  then said we had 160 deaths in the last 24 hrs, eh? why does it not sound right when in every thousand 30% die so they said a few weeks ago.

any way its lovely and warm here in the uk and im indoors trying to list 2000 products ive got stacked up the attic is full, the sheds full i have the table in the kitchen with cutters on and an embrosisery machine working on patches in the shed or one shed as the other one is full of silver furnace and moulds for making jewellery.

oh well one thing at a time i suppose, have a great week and stay safe.