well its sunny reasonably warm and a saturday, from the uk welcome to all. 

this is ukcrafts latest home blog, 

with coronavirus running crazy round the world i want to say my condolences go out to all who have lost loved ones, its a sad story that shows how delicate the balalnce is between the people of the earth and the pathogens, viruses,bacteria etc that are around our world. how do we survive!.

ok this month sees our neww website www.fromukcrafts.com go live with a range of items from our crafts people round wales, we have around 10 people who are craftsmen or women in there field and we design what we want and they make them to order, our own skills are keyrings and candles plus decals in our shop. if you cant see what you want never be afraid to send us a message and ask we can normally help, this month see,s the intro of our hologram range of keyrings , very limited in quantity , to learn more search hologram in our shop the full details are in the advert. also we are expanding our range of decals and can normally make most things to otder so if you want say bubbles or a name or as a certain tv company wanted scrolls we can normally do it, 

well more soon in the meantime take care and look after those around you .